Disney Robots

Do you know robots from Disney?

Beyond the animation technologies, entertainment robots are continually developed by Disney for the show and amusements in theme parks in the tradition of animatronics. For one example, Lucky the Dinosaur walks around the theme park with its usher carefully, and makes apposite gestures that it seems to be surprise, sad, angry, curious, and laugh. This pale green colored robot emulates the living character rushed from the Disney animation.

The Walt Disney Imagineering R&D team designed the robotic interaction to usher and spectators conjoining with empathy between human and machine. The other example, Wall-E appeared with a shabby surface as same as the character from the animation, and he performed with a guide often exhibiting shame gestures. Spectators could feel empathy for his emotional states as like a shy child during the introduction with themselves.

Disney has also presented a rapid design tool that can create sophisticated mechatronics that operate with a motor. See this page: IEEE Spectrum http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-software/disney-research-computational-design-tool

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