Whole-body Control

The whole-body control framework based on the operational space control [1] will be implemented for our robot. Recent implementation results were presented in Humanoids 2014 [2].

[1] J. Park, O. Khatib. Contact Consistent Control Framework for Humanoid Robots. International Conference on Robotics and Automation, presented at Orlando, Florida, 15-19 May 2006.

[2] M. Schwartz, S. Hwang, Y. Lee, J. Won, S. Kim, and J. Park. Aesthetic Design and Development of Humanoid Legged Robot. International Conference on Humanoid Robots, presented at Madrid, Spain, 18-20 Nov 2014.

ClimbLadder Contact



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We are using a software RoboticsLab from SimLab, Inc. [3] for controlling the robot in real-time. The software also provides a simulation environment where we can simulate the same robot with the same control code.

[3] http://www.simlab.co.kr/