Game of Drones: Where UAVs meet paintball

This seems like a less damaging but still fun way of battling robots.

Source: CNET

Mucking around with monarchical politics and swords is all well and good, but a remote-controlled toy drone involves around 98 percent less decapitation and at least 54 percent more fun. At least we assume that’s part of the reasoning behind Game of Drones, a collective of artists, inventors, robot builders, video producers, and designers who modify drones for a bit of friendly competition.

In the past, the team has created an “unbreakable drone” and a teeny-tiny drone fitted with a rocket launcher. But the most recent drone allows its pilot to play paintball — via remote control.

Using a commercial six-rotor drone, Marque Cornblatt and his team have mounted a GoPro camera so the gunner can look down the barrel of the paintball gun in real time for accurate aiming.

The gun itself is a Gog Envy, wired up to an air tank for firing, which is done remotely using a slot-car trigger remote. One person flies the drone, while the other fires the gun.

It took months of work to put it all together, balancing the weight so that the drone could fly, then working out the firing mechanism. See the finished beast in action in the video below.

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