Hoaloha Robotics Developing Socially Assistive Hardware Platform



Last we heard from Hoaloha Robotics was back in September of 2010, when the company was initially founded by Microsoft veteran Tandy Trower, who’d led the Microsoft Robotics Group for several years. According to some press at the time, Hoaloha was all about “developing a common interface and software that will make assistive robots easy to use and customize with applications, similar to the way Apple standardized the interface and application model for smartphones.” In other words, software, not hardware, that’ll enable service robots to assist people without robotics experience directly in their homes. It’s now three years on, though, and it sounds like things have changed.


from: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/home-robots/hoaloha-robotics-developing-socially-assistive-hardware-platform



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