Humanoid Robot Built with 3D-Printing

I found interesting robot which is made by 3D-Printing.

Source :

Right now, all over the world, 3D printing hackers and robotics enthusiasts are printing their own Open Source sub-$1k, life-size humanoid robot from the inMoov project created by gael langevin (known on Thingiverse as hairygael).

In fact, for many weeks one frequent participant in Adafruit Google+ Community, Zviad Sulaberidze, has been sharing his progress printing one of these!

The video above is representative, and also is a favorite because of a demonstration about halfway through. (“4:52 we are going to die” says one commenter, and Gael responds with “Unfortunately yes, it has always been that way on our planet earth.”) But remember that this is an open source project — and a popular one, even though this is a very difficult printing project — so there are many new contributions from the community, including Joel Hackett’s python scripts to make InMoov talk (video).

Check out the InMoov blog( for updates and to see the additions others are making to these fascinating robots!

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