HyQ quadruped robot makes its first public appearance in London, steps up with new feature (video)

This article makes a really interesting point, unless you work in a robotics lab, the chances are you have not seen a robot in person.  I think the idea of showcasing robots for the public is a great idea, and should be done more.  I think there are many misunderstandings about robots, and seeing it in real life is very important.

Source: Engadget

Unless you actually work in robotics, you probably don’t get to see too manymechanical masterpieces in person. If you live in London, however, you’ve got at least one chance: the Italian Institute of Technology is slated to showcase itsHydrolic Quadruped robot (HyQ) in public for the first time. Starting August 1st, the four-legged assemblage of metal will be on display at London’s Natural History Museum as part of the Living Machines Conference. It’s the original model that’s going to be part of the event, though, so visitors won’t be able to watch the latest model’s new trick: stepping over obstacles like a boss. The new HyQ’s step reflex algorithm was developed to help it navigate rugged terrain by reacting to physical barriers. Because the unit’s legs feel out obstacles, the robot can now avoid stumbling in low-visibility areas — potentially preventing saving millions of dollars in limb repair. Although you can’t see the upgraded HyQ out in public, you can watch it conquer 11-centimeter planks in the video after the break.

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