- Introduction -

  The FUTURE application of robotics will involve more complicated and complex robots operating in natural human environment. This requires more advanced technologies than those found in traditional robotics, especially in robot-environment interaction.

  Our lab approaches research with a multi-disciplinary mindset.  The people who make up the lab come from Fine Art, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and more.  Although the concentration of the lab is in robotics, we research many other fields such as human motion in order to influence our work with robotics.

DARPA Robotics Challenge  (June 5-6, 2015)

Team SNU  


Humanoid Legged Robot

Overview In a collaborative interdisciplinary team, a full sized humanoid bipedal robot was designed and manufactured.  

무인 자율주행 자동차 경진대회 2013

 Table of Contents 1. Contest Information   1-1. Summary of the Contest   1-2. Preparation for Contest and Missions 2. T

Korea Autonomous Vehicle Contest 2013

1. Purpose of the Contest  The purpose of the contest is to implement the autonomous vehicle technique using limited sen