Contact estimation of articulated robotic systems


  • By learning to utilize contact along manipulator links, robots gain the same advantages as humans
  • Existing control strategies for link contact require knowledge of the contact point
  • But locating link contact point is difficult for most robots as they do not possess skin capable of sensing


  • This research will verify for contact with stiff environment and soft environment, through any link and for any direction
  • Compliant and robust motion control for contact with the environment and safety of the robot can be achieved


  •  Contact Point Estimation of simple case of multi-articulated robot(3-DOF).
  •  Contact Point Force control and Motion control by using Contact Jacobian.
  •  Null-space Control of Contact Point by using dynamically consistent inverse of Jacobian.

Final goals

1. Estimate contact point on any robot body (contact with various environment).

2. Utilizing whole body contact for robot-environment interaction.

3. Dynamics and robust control of human-robot interaction.



Timeline Milestone
2010.03.01 ~ 03.05 1-DOF link simulation with fixed contact point
2010.03.08 ~ 03.12 1-DOF link simulation with moving contact point
2010.03.15 ~ 03.26 Expand the algorithm to 3-DOF arm
2010.03.27 ~ 04.02 Apply open loop Force control to the contact point
2010.04.05 ~ 04.09 Apply null-space Motion control to the contact point
2010.04.12 ~ 04.16 Verifying the controller and Stabilize the algorithm
2010.04.19 ~ 04.23 Expand the algorithm to 7-DOF arm