Kim, Sanghyun; Jang, Keunwoo; Park, Suhan; Lee, Yisoo; Lee, Sang Yup; Park, Jaeheung

Whole-body Control of Non-holonomic Mobile Manipulator Based on Hierarchical Quadratic Programming and Continuous Task Transition Conference/Workshop

IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics & Mechatronics (ARM), Osaka, Japan, Best Conference Paper Award, 03.07.2019.

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Kim, Seungyeon; Park, Jaeheung (Ed.)

KROS RED Show 일반부문 금상 : TAA Gripper Awards

The 14th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference, Pyeongchang ,Korea, 2019.

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Kim, Sanghyun; Park, Jaeheung

Singularity Avoidance Algorithms for Controlling Robot Manipulator: A Comparative Study. Journal

Journal of Korea Robotics Society, Best Paper Award, 12 (1), pp. 042-054, Best Paper Award, Feb, 2017.

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Jaeheung, Park; Seungyeon, Kim; Jaehoon, Sim (Ed.)

KROC 로봇 디자인대회 우수상 : DYROS humanoid JET Awards

The 12th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference, Pyeongchang ,Korea, 2017.

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Kim, Jeeseop; Kim, Mingon; Park, Jaeheung

Improvement of Humanoid gait stability using reduction gear deformation model Conference/Workshop

The 31st Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS), COEX, Korea, Best Paper Award, 11.03.2016.

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Park, Hyeonjun; Kim, Peter Ki; Park, Jaeheung; Jang, Ja-Ram; Shin, Yong-Deuk; Bae, Ji-Hun; Park, Jae-Han; Baeg, Moon-Hong

Robotic Peg-in-Hole Assembly by Hand Arm Coordination. Journal

Journal of Korea Robotics Society, 10 (1), pp. 42-51, Best Paper Award, Feb, 2015.

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Jung, De Hong; Park, Jaeheung; Schwartz, Mathew

Towards On-Site Autonomous Robotic Floor Tiling of Mosaics Conference/Workshop

The 14th International Conference on Control, Automation, and Systems (ICCAS), KINTEX, Korea, Best Presentation Award, 25.10.2014.

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Park, Hyeonjun; ki Kim, Peter; Bae, Ji-Hun; Park, Jae-Han; Baeg, Moon-Hong; Park, Jaeheung

Peg-in-Hole task using robot hand manipulation Conference/Workshop

The 9th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference (KROC), Buyeo, Korea, best paper award, 21.06.2014.

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