Robugtix’s 3D-printed T8 spiderbot will terrify your friends for $1,350 (video)

This is a very impressive application of kinematics.  In the world of robotics, especially in our lab, I have not seen many great applications of kinematics as it seems to be pretty straight forward.  The dynamics aspect of robotics is much more of the labs focus and is a really exciting area of research.  In terms of commercial applications, I think this spider robot is relatively cheap at $1,350 USD and has an impressive number of motors (26).  It is worth watching the video all they way through as it shows some impressive movement control.

Source: Engadget

Whether they runjump or swim, there are plenty of robots around to be fearful of. None have quite exacerbated our arachnophobia as much as Robugtix’s T8 octopod, however. The 3D-printed spiderbot not only looks the part, but employs 26 servo motors to drive its unnervingly life-like movement. Bigfoot’s baked-in “Inverse Kinematics Engine” deals with all of the background computations, so you don’t have to be a coding genius to work it. Instead, users send “short and simple commands” to the bot via wireless XBee or any other method you can hook up to its Rx / Tx pins. Expected to ship at the end of September, the T8 is available now for a special pre-order price of $1,350, and you can add $85 to that if you want one of Robugtix’s analog-stick controllers for real-time direction. If that sounds a bit pricey, there’s another option in the much cuter $250 iitsii hexapod, which is predicted to ship late August. Check out the shudder-inducing video of the T8 below, then follow it up with the iitsii demo to help you forget.

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