Surface electromyography based robot control

In recently, robot between user interface is hot issue in robotics. Many sensors and devices are used to control robot frequently. One of the most usable thing is biosignals which occured from operator to control robot. Generally used biosignals are electroencephalography(EEG), electromygraphy(EMG), electrocardiography(ECG). They are all based on neuron signals(which is electrical signal) from human body. I introduce EMG signal which is used for robot control frequently.

EMG signals extracted from action potential of motor unit which is minimal elements of muscle fiber. Summation of action potential is EMG signal and it is aquisit from Ag-Cl electrods. You can see the figure of Ag-Cl electrods and EMG signal.

2013-04-01 21.05.14                                                                       emgexampl

Extracted EMG signal is preprocessed by lowpassfilter and root mean square. After that object of control, they are using different method to control robot. For instance, by using machine learning EMG signal patternized and making control signla for robot to do something. In our lab we are reasearch about force mapping to robot based on EMG signal.

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