Nojun Kwak


I have been mainly working on statistical analysis of input variables for pattern recognition problems since my graduate studies. Especially, my main research interest was to develop feature selection and feature extraction algorithms for pattern recognition problems such as face recognition and image registration. It requires thorough knowledge on various fields of study such as pattern recognitionmachine learningartificial neural networksdata mining and image processing.

During my Ph. D. studies, I was also involved in developing a robust control algorithm for robot manipulators. This research encompasses control theory and robotics.

After graduation, in Samsung Electronics, I dealt with the protocols in home newtork systems and wireless mobile communications. Especially, I worked as a delegate of Samsung Electronics for 3GPP (WCDMA) RAN3 (Radio Access Network) standardization meetings.

From 2007 to 2013, I was a faculty member of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Korea.

Since September 2013, I have joined the Department of Transdisciplinary Studies, Seoul National University, Korea, as an associate professor.

Currently, I am interested in the theoretical aspect of kernel methods in machine learning algorithms. Also, I am interested in detecting and tracking objects in real world environments by using computer vision algorithms and their applications for autonomous vehicles androbot applications.